Military training for a soldier

Posted on August 30, 2018 at 9:37 am

A solider will need to go through advanced training with the army before they are sent out on tour. Once you have applied for a role in the army you will have to go through an assessment. The assessment will last two days and will consist of a full medical health examination, metal and physical tests, team exercises (so they can see how well you work with others) and a discussion about your career.

The tests will test your mental ability as well as your physical. If you do not have certain GCSE’s then you will have to take additional tests.

The medical test will include a face to face discussion with a doctor. The doctor will review all of your medical records and then give you a head to toe examination. The team test consists of being split up in to teams of about 8 and given a problem solving mission. You will be competing against other teams and a clock so it is important for people to recognise their strengths and pull together as a group.

The careers chat is done at the end of the assessment. This is where you can discuss the different career options available to you in the army and go through feedback from the last two days on your performance.


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