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Why is a 24 Hour Locksmith the Person to Call?

Posted on October 30, 2017 at 11:49 pm

Locksmith who work 24 hours day, seven days a week are very useful people to know. There could be a lot of situations in which you need to call a locksmith so by using someone on a regular basis, you can build up a relationship and possibly even get locks changed at discounted prices. When you call a 24 hour locksmith, it is usually in an emergency situation, as they will be able to help you out of it.

You should find a locksmith who is as local to you as possible to reduce the costs. They will be able to come out to you quickly if they are close by. You may be trapped outside of your building, having locked yourself out, or you might need your locks changing as an emergency after a burglary. Both are scary situations and you will need somebody to help you as soon as possible.

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Locksmiths and Security – How do the Two go Together?

Posted on September 2, 2017 at 2:34 pm

Locksmiths might be able to help you out more than you think. They can help you reinforce your property and make it safer for you to live in. If you are looking to make your property safer, speak to your local locksmith and see what they can do for you.

A locksmith will be able to help you make the entrances to your property more secure. They can fit latches, bolts and locks to make sure your door is safe and secure. You can also have a bar fitted to make it harder for anybody to break in.

If you have already been through a break in, you will know that it is a traumatic experience. A locksmith can help you with the logistics of sorting out your property after a break in. They can carry out repairs to doors and windows and help make them safer for the future.

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Calling A 24-hour Locksmith in London

Posted on July 1, 2017 at 2:05 pm

Ensuring the safety of the house is the greatest responsibility of a person. The same is true for one’s office too or any other property for that matter. The most common way of securing one’s place is the old lock and key system. But, what if the same lock that you have put on your door to protect your home keeps you from going in? That is the time when you need to call a locksmith London. But what do you do when this happens in the middle of the night? Well, you need not worry that you will be stranded outside all night. You can call a 24-hour locksmith London to your rescue in case of an emergency. (more…)

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Things to Look for When Hiring a Corporate Security Service Provider

Posted on February 22, 2017 at 4:34 pm

The world security is being tampered with the increasing crime rate. And today’s white-collar world is being fazed by the upheavals. This is where the importance of top-notch corporate security services come into play. And, hosting a corporate event is not an exception to this necessity. It’s almost a given fact that each business owner who wants to protect his/her company from any hazard must opt for a corporate security service provider.

Even safety in the business world has now been under scrutiny whence several incidents where employees were attacked in the nick of time have cropped up. However, to lessen the fear of being constantly haunted in and out, you can avail the aid of corporate services. (more…)

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Basic home security

Posted on February 29, 2016 at 3:05 pm

With burglaries on the increase, it is vital all of us know and act on home security issues. There are many products available on the market that are designed to increase our home security, but we must not forget the basics too.

Widows – all windows should be locked from the inside ideally with a key and the key put out of site. This should also be done for windows on the first/ second floor etc as they can often be accessed with ladders quite easily. Often if you have not locked your windows and you are broken in to an insurance company my not pay out.

Doors – as with windows, these should be locked and secured. Some locks are very easy to break so it is recommended that you upgrade to a security lock that has been police approved.

Valuables – leave all valuables out of site. Hiding away laptops, phones and other expensive equipment can be enough to deter a breaking and even leaving your blinds or curtains shut will stop them from seeing in to the property and viewing items that will be easy to seize.



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Secure your home with security doors

Posted on November 18, 2015 at 2:14 pm

With the passing of each day concerns of security are rising. It is very common to see news of robbery, theft or murder in the newspaper every day. So the question comes what shall be done to ensure that your house or office is secured? To maintain the high level of security you can install security doors. Some of the advantages of security doors are given below:

· These doors are made up of very hard material; therefore they are almost unbreakable and ensure intruders to stay out.

· It comes with camera and alarm system which further enhance the security of the house and office.

· These doors prevent any intruder from entering into your house as it can be opened only with one original key.

· These doors come with option of key lock, password lock or thumb print lock to maintain the proper security for your house.

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Why to install home security cameras?

Posted on October 8, 2015 at 8:37 am

Incidents of past are proof that why home security cameras should be installed and why they are in huge demand.

Few reasons for getting a security camera for your house:

1. Protection of house from thefts- Normally the basic use of these cameras is to protect the house from burglars and thieves. When a burglar knows of a camera being installed he might not carry a theft because he knows he might get caught later on.

2. Valuables- Similarly valuable things such as gold, cash etc are protected under the pretext of security cameras installed.

3. Fire- Security cameras with an alarming system suddenly emit an alarming sound in case they detect any smoke in any room. Thus they in turn save lives.

According to a report homes which have no security cameras installed are much more 2.7% more prone to thefts and other activities.

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Roles of Corporate Security Offices within the MIlitary

Posted on August 27, 2015 at 2:56 pm

Corporate security is a measure of safeguarding the enterprise from various internal and external threats. It consists of various essential elements such as personal security, employee’s safety, information security, physical security, corporate governance, risk management, crisis management, environment safety and health, crime prevention and detection and many other such prevention that are solely related to the company’s security. For the purpose of safeguarding the valuables of the organization professionals are hired that are competent in the security of the company. There prime role and responsibility is to protect the company from serious risks.

Role of corporate security officers

The role of officers is very important when it comes to safeguarding the information systems and physical property of the company. Their role is to protect the organizations physical assets and personnel from theft, vandalism, or any illegal activity. Thus, they play a major role in keeping the company risk free.

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Corporate Security – Migration of Security systems in 2015

Posted on July 3, 2015 at 3:58 pm

Corporate security effectively migrates, and manages any development that may threaten the survival of the corporation. No matter how large or small the company is every company need to have a security program to ensure security of information assets, people and information.

Importance of corporate security

Today companies rely on expensive technology and hi-tech products for the purpose of security. Using corporate security we need to safeguard our services by using internal corporate security and external corporate security services. Using internal corporate security, you can safeguard your IT framework policy, special technology and important business. While external corporate security provides armed security guards and private security, CCTV vigilance, access control systems to the restricted area etc. Having a corporate security plan is a must for every organisation that has no loop holes for penetration. Making investment in corporate security will guarantee you no business threats and loss, and help the company grow.

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Security Systems & Cameras to be used in the UK

Posted on May 30, 2015 at 9:32 am

You can make sure the security of your residence and household by means of the use of wireless outdoor security cameras that monitor activity in and around your property. If you want to make certain round-the-clock safety, it is advisable to opt for wireless evening safety cameras for these night owls endangering your security. On the other hand, if you intend to move the camera to a distinct spot from time to time, then it is much better to go for a wireless safety camera instead. You can even obtain a fake safety camera which fools folks into considering that they are becoming watched. So, always check the authenticity of the purchasers to which you are interested in promoting. Repair the windows with a secure glass.

If you’re looking for a security system to install on your property then you should definitely look to employ a security expert.

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