Corporate Security

What Makes a Good Corporate Security Guard?

Posted on May 18, 2018 at 7:19 am

A corporate security guard is simply someone who works in a corporate environment, addressing the security concerns of businesses and making sure the business is safe and well protected. If you work in corporate security, it will usually be your responsibility to protect members of staff, look after the building, and monitor who is coming in and out.

It is different to working in other security environments due to the kind of place you will be. If you do well in a busy environment, this might not be for you – it won’t always be busy. However, there will be busy spells, so you will be kept busy when lots of people are coming into the building, for example. There will also be some analysis involved, as you work out the best ways to look after the company and keep security risks to a minimum. You may need to look at some data and speak to stakeholders within the company.

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