Military Procedures

Detecting Suspicious Signals – Why is this Important?

Posted on November 26, 2017 at 1:00 pm

Suspicious signals need to be identified as a matter of military and national security. When people are tasked with keeping the nation safe, they will need to understand any potential risk factors and be on the lookout constantly for anything that could lead to a security risk. Understanding the signals that could post a threat is essential.

Most security agents will use a bug detector, meaning that they can detect possible suspicious signals. If these are found, an audio jammer may then be used. This will act to interrupt the signal or to provide white noise, meaning that confidential conversations can take place without the fear of them being recorded or overheard.

If other suspicious signals are detected, this could possibly indicate a a remote controlled improvised explosive device (RCIED). A bomb jammer can then be used to neutralise this threat. It is essential to detect threats from RCIED early so they can be dealt with expertly.

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