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Moving from the Military into a Security Career

Posted on January 25, 2017 at 1:08 pm

In many ways, people who have had an army role will be perfectly suited to a new job in security. Lots of the same skills are required and it is a field that ex-army personnel can really excel in. Here are some of the transferable skills that can be applied in both the army and a security firm:

  • Physical strength. Both are very physical jobs and will require you to be fit and healthy. This is perfect for someone who has spent their career training hard in the army.
  • A career in the army will teach people to be confidential and discreet, as they may know some very important information. Security will be very much the same – anything to do with enforcing the law requires someone who is used to keeping details secure and private.
  • In the army, working with other people is an essential skill. This will also be highly sought after in the security industry.

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