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Military bases security

Posted on August 31, 2016 at 4:17 pm

Security is of the upmost importance at military bases. There are hundreds of military bases of different sorts all over the UK. Within a military base you not only have hundreds if not thousands of personnel who’s safety needs to be looked after but also equipment that if in the wrong hands could cause serious damage. RAF / ARMY / MOD camps are often protected with armed guards at the gates. No one is a lowed to enter without the correct id and all visitors have to report to reception stating their reason for visiting and having their phot taken and entered on to the system as well as being issued with photographic ID. Security is taken very seriously within the camps and any suspicious behaviour is investigated and dealt with promptly.

Equipment such as weapons is stored in a highly secure area which only certain authorised personnel have access to. All security procedures are reviewed on a regular basis and changed if not sufficient.

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