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Military dog trainers

Posted on June 30, 2016 at 10:29 pm

If you are looking to join the military there are a wealth of roles that you can train in. Some roles are more physical than others, but whatever job you would like to do, there is something within the military that will be linked to it somehow. For example if you like marketing then you may want to work in the recruitment sector, or if you had always fancied being a chief then why not work in the kitchens, providing much needed food to the soldiers.

Another role that you could go in to is to become a dog handler. Dogs play a very important role in the military often used as sniffer dogs for detecting bombs and other explosive devices. They may also be used in the restraint of people should the situation arise.

You will start by working with Protection Military Working Dogs. It may be that you then have the opportunity to work with the Specialist Military Working Dogs that can detect arms, explosives, fleeing intruders and illegal narcotics.


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