Staff security at work

Posted on May 31, 2016 at 10:17 pm

Protecting staff is now part of the risk assessments carried out by health and safety within a work place. A place of work should be as safe as possible and making sure that not only the premises but also the members of staff are protected is vital.

Most businesses have CCTV installed and some even have onsite security guards patrolling the premises or covering the entrances to ensure that there are no unwanted guests.

Another way you can protect your staff is to install panic alarms. Panic alarms can be linked to the police station or another security office and can be set to sound a silent alarm. Meaning that the perpetrator has no idea that anyone has been alerted until it is too late. Many banks have these sorts of systems, where the button can be pressed under the desk. Sometimes these buttons can also be linked to security shutters that will automatically drop when the buzzer is pressed.


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