Technical Security

The Importance of Having Backup Generators

Posted on December 23, 2015 at 1:29 pm

A lot of buildings require backup generators in addition to access to the electrical grid because they have a lot of important and energy intensive systems in place that need a constant flow of energy. I’m talking here about hospitals, datacentres, office buildings, food storage facilities and others, but it is also important for a lot of places where security is of paramount importance, receive a constant flow of energy so that no lapse in the security systems’ effectiveness occurs.

During attempted thefts or acts of vandalism, one of the most effective strategies at the disposal of criminals is to disconnect a building from the supply of electricity. If the building they’re robbing doesn’t have a backup supply, this means that surveillance systems will go down, alarm systems, some locking mechanisms and a lot of other systems could also go offline. To avoid this potentiality for abuse, the only real solution is to have a back up generator or battery in the building to overcome this gap in protection.


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