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Why to install home security cameras?

Posted on October 8, 2015 at 8:37 am

Incidents of past are proof that why home security cameras should be installed and why they are in huge demand.

Few reasons for getting a security camera for your house:

1. Protection of house from thefts- Normally the basic use of these cameras is to protect the house from burglars and thieves. When a burglar knows of a camera being installed he might not carry a theft because he knows he might get caught later on.

2. Valuables- Similarly valuable things such as gold, cash etc are protected under the pretext of security cameras installed.

3. Fire- Security cameras with an alarming system suddenly emit an alarming sound in case they detect any smoke in any room. Thus they in turn save lives.

According to a report homes which have no security cameras installed are much more 2.7% more prone to thefts and other activities.

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