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Roles of Corporate Security Offices within the MIlitary

Posted on August 27, 2015 at 2:56 pm

Corporate security is a measure of safeguarding the enterprise from various internal and external threats. It consists of various essential elements such as personal security, employee’s safety, information security, physical security, corporate governance, risk management, crisis management, environment safety and health, crime prevention and detection and many other such prevention that are solely related to the company’s security. For the purpose of safeguarding the valuables of the organization professionals are hired that are competent in the security of the company. There prime role and responsibility is to protect the company from serious risks.

Role of corporate security officers

The role of officers is very important when it comes to safeguarding the information systems and physical property of the company. Their role is to protect the organizations physical assets and personnel from theft, vandalism, or any illegal activity. Thus, they play a major role in keeping the company risk free.

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