The Rise Of Military Antiques

Posted on February 28, 2015 at 12:00 pm

With programs like ‘Family Guns’ on National Geographic Channel, and the increase in value of general antiques over the last 40 years, antique militaria is becoming increasing popular.

Anything of militaristic origin that is genuine and of quality is usually sought after by some kind of enthusiast. If you happen to come across some kind of genuine war item all you need to do is find that enthusiast and you could be in for a big mark-up on your purchase.

With the internet increasingly used in sales of antiques, its easier than ever to find someone, somewhere in the world who might be interested in your artefact. Many of the biggest auction houses in the world even have online auctions, whereby goods are sold in real-time to bidders across the globe.

IMA, (International Military Antiques) specialises in supplying military goods ranging from heavy ordnance to individual pellets. A merchant that has armed film makers and museums with weapons of history. Perhaps you’ve found a curious old dagger while roaming a field in France. Well these guys just might be interested.




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Military and Aviation Paintings and Prints; An Overview

Posted on February 21, 2015 at 5:07 pm

There is a long standing, global history of military and aviation paintings. Historically paintings of this theme were commissioned by the government of the respectable country, employing artists to depict military encounters, weapons, vehicles or specific battle scenes. The pieces were usually heavily biased towards the country that commissioned the work, showing that country’s military regiment in a victorious manner, winning a battle or looking glorious while fighting one.

Nowadays this theme of art is more niche. There are still artists around the world depicting scenes and battles in a similar fashion to the past. But it is less common that a government will commission paintings, instead using photography. Because it has become more niche and consumer based, art on this theme is also much less biased than before. American and British artists are regularly commissioned to paint historic German scenes of war, regardless of past victories or prejudices.

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